Free RFP Template

Your next RFP just got a lot faster and better with our easy-to-use Word-based template.

Do you need to write an RFP for an upcoming project? Not sure where to get started? Want to make sure it asks all the right questions and gives vendors the information they need to develop great strategy and design?

Motif Events is here to help! We’ve created an RFP template that will get you on your way. It’s in Microsoft Word format, so it’s easy for you to update. Just fill in the blanks, and it’s ready to send out to your list of possible vendors. Or, if you have another preferred RFP format, you can use ours for a few ideas to make it better.

To get our template, just submit the short form on this page. You will get the document right away from the thank you page. We will also send it to the email address you provide, so you also have a copy in your inbox.

If you already have an open RFP and would like us to participate, you can send it to us at We’d love the opportunity to participate!