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Munich, Germany

Client Objectives:

IBA is the world’s largest baking expo. So AMF, the world’s leading supplier of high-speed commercial baking equipment, always attends with high expectations, large demo equipment, and relevant messages to share.

For their 2019 presence, AMF sought to reinforce their position as the industry’s technology leader. Specifically, they wanted to showcase their investment in augmented reality and the educational and maintenance benefits this would provide to their customers.

Motif's Design:

When so much connected machinery is involved, the space planning process becomes hypercritical. Our designers spent considerable time working with AMF’s equipment models. Only after they were grouped and situated properly — with client approval — did we give focus to the architecture.

Our final design included a massive tension-fabric hanging sign that wound through the space — providing visibility from every direction on the show floor. A secondary, bright red, trapezoid shaped canopy defined the technology and hospitality portions of the space while also providing lighting and tagline messaging. A four-panel LED video wall created from 2′ x 6′ LED panels looped a video telling the AMF story.  A second video wall — built from 55″ screens — streamed their new augmented reality demonstrations and training.


Motif’s International team helped AMF execute a branded environment that was both modern and vibrant. The equipment lines, augmented reality demos, hospitality areas, and board room were packed with engaged attendees for the duration of the show.

The Client Says

“We love it when a plan comes together. Thanks, Motif Events for another brilliant execution!”