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Kodak CES | 


Las Vegas

Client Objectives:

Standing out at CES, North America’s largest trade show, is never an easy task. But that is exactly what Kodak asked Motif Events to accomplish with their PIXPRO exhibit in 2019. Of course, it helped that Kodak was starting with an iconic brand and a fiercely competitive experiential marketing partner.

Motif's Design:

Our strategy for success was to turn heads, feature the product, and encourage participation. The massive, raised-deck structure, highlighted with LED edge lighting, immediately grabbed visitor attention. It also allowed for the housing of multiple conference rooms on the second level, while creating lots of open floor space. The area under the deck was filled with inviting product displays and a discussion counter. LED-lit showcases lined the back of the exhibit, flanked by two video walls — one that looped beautiful images shot on PIXPRO cameras and another that aggregated and displayed attendees’ tweets with the event hashtag, #TellYourStory.