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New Orleans, LA

Client Objectives:

MHPS wanted to use the 2019 Power Gen event in New Orleans to unveil their newest GAC Turbine.   They wanted a modern, city of the future experience and a clean, memorable environment to build suspense and unveil their new technology.   Because the new turbine was hydro powered the experience needed to carry a water motif and it needed to be bold, fluid and renewable.  MHPS leadership came to us in search of something iconic, eye-catching and forever memorable.

Motif's Design:

We knew our design had to start with something massive and we settled on a 16’ tall circular canopy structure with color changing orbs and deco cut infill panels with circular cutouts to connote water.   We face-slit these panels using color changing LED light which worked in combination with the glowing orbs to wash the entirety of the space. The color themes and the digital messaging were updated each day to create a new experience and to build excitement leading up to the new turbine reveal on the final day of the event.

Motif used a circular reception counter in the center of the 50’ x 50’ space to draw in attendees and to begin their journey through the space.  The sides of the space were defined using large organically shaped tension fabric walls that carried mesmerizing imagery highlighting futuristic city-scapes.   Motif leveraged our in-house technology assets including 55” touch screens, a 3×3 Multi-Screen Video Wall for theater presentations, and LED tiles to highlight the turbine model set to be revealed.   Our digital teams designed and executed the content and married it with the lighting effects to create an immersive and dynamic experience.


The end result was undeniably stunning – a dimensional work of art.  We heard countless attendees remark, “this is like no exhibit I’ve ever seen!” The MHPS team also commented on how incredibly functional the space was, even with the large crowds of attendees that it helped to attract.    Show goals were exceeded, relationships were gained and strengthened, and significant pride was felt by all involved.