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ProTom International ASTRO Conference | 


Boston, MA

Client Objectives:

ProTom International is a leading oncology company dedicated to transforming cancer treatment by increasing the availability and affordability of proton beam therapy technology. In 2016, they hoped to use their presence at the ASTRO (American Society for Radiation Oncology) Conference in Boston to show the compact and customizable nature of their solution to the community of Radiation Oncologists.

Motif's Design:

Motif responded with a custom fabricated 40′ x 50′ environment that included a to-scale prototype of a ProTom treatment facility. The solution included a robotic bed and used a laser to simulate the proton beam.

Expanding our role beyond exhibit design, Motif stepped in to help with the industrial design and prototyping of one of the key product features. The piece, which is referred to as “the nozzle,” is critical to the patient experience. It is the culmination of Proton Beam Therapy delivery and one of the very few parts the patient is able to see.


We were able to create ProTom’s most ambitious exhibit to date, while actually decreasing their cost from previous events.

The Client Says

We demanded the absolute best exhibit at the AAPM and ASTRO events. And, Motif delivered above and beyond. Not only did our CEO say we knocked it out of the park, we lowered our total spend from similar events in previous years.