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Soraa Light Fair International | 


Chicago, IL

Client Objectives:

Soraa needed an ultra high-end gallery environment to create the proper experience and brand perception while introducing their lighting products to the marketplace at LFI 2018 in Chicago, IL. They required seamless museum quality wall surfaces and luxury finishes so their wide range of LED products could be demonstrated to architectural lighting designers in an actual end-use environment.

Motif's Design:

Providing a sense of permanence and adding to the museum-quality aesthetic of the space, Motif designed and installed an 8,000-pound ceiling canopy that hosted artfully arranged Soraa light fixtures.

One wall featured a kaleidoscope of vinyl slats wrapped in various PMS colors. Over that, a mix of 2-D and 3-D letters that spelled out “Experience Perfect Color.” Another surface featured the word “Create.” Here, the “A” in “Create” was cut out to provide a window looking out at the aisle. On the exterior side of the wall, the “A” appeared as part of the word “Soraa,” adding aisle-side visual interest. The exterior walls also featured embedded plexiglass display cases housing artifacts and descriptive text. Upon closer inspection, the artifacts were symbolic representations of various Soraa clients, and text comprised glowing testimonials.


This installation won Best Island Exhibit from the 2019 Exhibitor Magazine Design Awards.

As described by Exhibitor, the installation was a “brilliant-white box with three sizable openings, the full complement of which was capped with a square fabric header and an 8,000-pound ceiling canopy” and employed “seamless wall surfaces and museum-quality fabrication and paint finishes to highlight Soraa’s fixtures.”

The Client Says

In order to showcase the true benefits of our products, it was important for us to create an environment that felt like a real-life scenario such as an art gallery. And this space did exactly that.