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Vision RT ESTRO | 


Milan, Italy

Client Objectives:

Vision RT’s products work to protect patients and fight cancer. With their training symposium booked to capacity months in advance of the annual meeting in Milan 2019, they initially needed a space that would invigorate their brand and allow them to demonstrate their SGRT and AlignRT technology. However, leading up to the event, they acquired Aurora Medical Systems. This required a solution at ESTRO that also allowed them to demonstrate the technological leadership and vision of the new group.

Motif's Design:

As long-time clients, Vision RT knew they could count on Motif to meet their objectives anywhere in the world.

Our raised floor concept was right at home in the European show. It was finished with high-gloss flooring and divided into trapezoid-shaped sections. Each section designated treatment areas and different products. The corners of the spaces featured intricately detailed stations with all necessary features of a Vision RT treatment room — including a hospital bed, large monitor, and the camera/computer equipment that runs their leading recognition technologies. The center of the space featured a bespoke, trapezoid-shaped reception counter for attendees to check in to private meeting rooms and pick up branded giveaways.  The whole space was crowned with a perfectly lit, hexagon-shaped hanging sign — complete with dimensional Vision RT logos on all sides.